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Call for Papers

The 2018 2nd International Conference on Civil, Architectural and Structural Engineering (ICCASE 2018) aims to provide a high-level international forum for researchers, engineers and scientists to present the new advances and research results in the fields of civil, architectural and structural engineering.
The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
1.      Advanced Construction Materials
2.      Applications Traffic Control and Information
3.      Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering
4.      Architecture and Building Materials
5.      Atom -Surface Interactions
6.      Atomic and molecular astrophysics
7.      Atomic and molecular interactions
8.      Atomic and molecular spectroscopy
9.      Atomic tests of fundamental physics
10.   Bridge Engineering
11.   Building Energy Saving Technology
12.   Building Structure
13.   Building Technology
14.   Case Studies of Structural Failures
15.   Civil and Structural Engineering
16.   Civil, Environmental and Structural Engineering
17.   Coastal Engineering
18.   Computational Mechanics
19.   Concrete Structures
20.   Construction and Control
21.   Construction Management
22.   Damage Mechanics, Fracture and Fatigue
23.   Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
24.   Durability and Long-Term Performance of Structures
25.   Engineering Management
26.   Engineering Material
27.   Engineering Mechanics
28.   Environment-Friendly Construction and Development
29.   FRP Applications in Construction
30.   Full-Scale Testing of Structures
31.   Geographical Information Systems
32.   Geological Engineering
33.   Geotechnical Engineering
34.   Green Building Materials
35.   Green Construction and Environmental Protection
36.   High-Performance Concrete and Steel
37.   Hydraulic Engineering
38.   Instrumentation and measurement
39.   Laminated Composites
40.   Life-Cycle Performance of Structures
41.   Lightweight Structures
42.   Material Quality and Control
43.   Measurement System and Theory
44.   Metallic Structures
45.   Monitoring and Control of Structures
46.   Nonlinear Dynamic Modelling
47.   Nuclear power and the environment
48.   Nuclear power in the world: Status and prospects
49.   Nuclear reactor core operation
50.   Operation and Maintenance
51.   Operation for Nuclear Power Plants
52.   Operational Safety for Nuclear Power Plants
53.   Performance-Based Structural Engineering
54.   Plant Safety Assessment and Regulatory Issues
55.   Project Management
56.   Reliability and Durability of Structures
57.   Risk Assessment and Management
58.   Safety and Monitoring
59.   Sanitary and Ground Water Engineering
60.   Seismic Engineering
61.   Smart Materials and Structures
62.   Space Structures and Long-Span Roofs
63.   Steel-Concrete Composite Construction
64.   Structural Analysis and Design
65.   Structural Engineering and Disaster Reduction
66.   Structural Engineering, Construction and Management
67.   Structural Health Monitoring
68.   Structural Identification
69.   Structural Materials
70.   Structural Operation and Maintenance
71.   Structural Risk Analysis
72.   Structural Safety and Reliability
73.   Tall Buildings and Long-Span Bridges
74.   Towers and Industrial Structures
75.   Traditional Construction Materials
76.   Transportation Engineering
77.   Transportation Technology Urban
78.   Underground Facilities Hydraulic Engineering
79.   Urban Engineering
80.   Vibration Analysis and Vibration Control
81.   Water Resources and Management
82.   Water resources integrated management
83.   Water resources sustainable development
84.   Water Supply and Drainage Engineering Architecture and Urban Planning